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What is Simplista?

A simplistic PBR texture pack made by reducing color noise from albedo textures.

What am I getting here?

Access to Simplista 128x (WIP)

Pack addons (WIP):

  • Bonus: Adds Entity's, GUI, Particles etc. and features such as CTM.
  • Enhanced Foliage: Improves the overall foliage of the game.
  • Mobs: Adds Mobs textures.
  • Items (Coming Soon): Adds Items textures.

Monthly updates

Access to Patreon-only Discord perks:

  • Progress:
    Check what I'm working on and how things are going for the next update before they are released.
  • Texture Voting:
    Access to polls in my Discord server where you decide what's going to be added in the next update.

Your name will be featured on my website.

How do I install?

Please follow the installation guide, If you have any questions or encounter any issues then please join the Discord server where either someone from the community or I will be happy to help you out!

It is necessary to use a LabPBR compliant shader to utilize all the PBR features, I recommend Kappa/KappaPT Shaders by Rre36.

Discord server
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