Simplista Premium (One-Time)

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Simplista Premium (One-Time)

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Website: https://www.shivamzter.com/

Vanilla vs Simplista Premium:

What is Simplista?
A Simple Texture Pack made by reducing color noise from albedo Minecraft textures and adding PBR support.

What am I getting here?
Simplista Premium Texture pack for Minecraft Java Edition.

Simplista is available in various different formats like LabPBR, OldPBR and BedrockRTX.

It is Recommended to use a LabPBR shader to get the most out of Roundista, We recommend Nostalgia/NostalgiaVX Shaders by Rre36.

Installation WIKI: https://www.shivamzter.com/installation

If you are unsure about any settings and cannot get the texture pack to work correctly feel free to join our discord server we are always ready to help you out.

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Monthly Updates
New updated releases between 1st - 31st of the Month.
Discord Perks
"Simplista Premium" and "Gumroad" Role in Shivamzter's World Discord Server.
Your name will be featured in my Youtube Videos and Website until you keep supporting.
Texture Requests
You'll tell me what textures you want in next update and I'll try my best to do them.
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