Madman (One-Time Purchase)

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What is Stylista?
A stylized theme texture pack made from scratch using Substance Designer. It entirely changes the vanilla look of Minecraft.

What is Simplista?
A simple texture pack made by reducing color noise from albedo textures and adding PBR support.

What is Roundista?
A rounded-pixel style texture pack made by upscaling Simplista's textures and making them round and adding PBR support.

What am I getting here?

Stylista Premium 256x & 512x

Roundista Premium 256x & 512x

Simplista Premium 128x


  • Bonus: Adds Entity's, GUI, Particles etc. and features such as CTM.
  • Enhanced Foliage: Improves the overall foliage of the game.
  • Mobs (Coming Soon): Adds Mobs textures.
  • Items (Coming Soon): Adds Items textures.

Monthly updates

Access to Patreon-only Discord perks:

  • Progress:
    Check what I'm working on and how things are going for the next update before they are released.
  • Texture Voting:
    Access to polls in my Discord server where you decide what's going to be added in the next update.

Your name will be featured in my website.

It is recommended that you use LabPBR version of the texture pack(s) and pair it with a LabPBR compliant shader to get the most out of it, I recommend Nostalgia/NostalgiaVX, Kappa/KappaPT shaders by RRe36.

Installation Guide to perfectly match your game with what's shown in screenshots:

If you are unsure about any settings and cannot get the texture pack to work correctly, feel free to join my discord server, I'm always ready to help you out.

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Madman (One-Time Purchase)

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